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Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Cup - Bali Organix

Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

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Each year, 200 billion single-use coffee cups end up as landfill and in our oceans. Most never biodegrade and some take 1000's of years. That's why we created the Bali Organix Reusabls Coffee Cup, an environmentally responsible cup made with titanium plated, stainless steel. The cups are BPA and phthalate free and at just 70g - its light, strong and fully dishwasher safe. It also has a reseapable 'no-drip' lid. With Bali Organix, there is no excuse for single use!


✔ Reduces daily consumer waste

✔ Fully dishwasher safe

✔ Made with Food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free silicon

✔ Naturally sterile: no flavour-taint

✔ Resealable 'no-drip' lid

✔ Reusable over and over

✔ FREE Worldwide Shipping

✔ Size: 350ml (12 oz) or 500ml (17 oz)

Scientific Proof

Clinical trials on Green Coffee

"In a randomized, double-blind, 12-week study we investigated the effect of Green Coffee on the body mass of 30 overweight people, compared with normal instant coffee. The average losses in mass in the Green Coffee and normal instant coffee groups were 5.4 and 1.7 kg, respectively. We conclude that Green Coffee appears to have a significant effect on the absorption and utilization of glucose from the diet."

ETC Research and Development, Oslo, Norway

"The results suggest that Green Coffee may be an effective nutraceutical in reducing weight in preobese adults. Significant reductions were observed in body weight, body mass index and percent body fat, as well as a small decrease in heart rate, but with no significant changes to diet over the course of the study."

Chemistry Department, University of Scranton, PA, USA

"The evidence from available studies suggests that the Green Coffee supplementation leads to significant reductions in total cholesterol, HDL-C, and LDL-C levels, and has modest, but, non-significant effects on triglycerides levels."

Geneva University Hospitals & Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland

"It was found that Green Coffee reduced visceral fat content and body weight. Chlorogenic acid [found in Green Coffee] and its related compounds are found to be involved in the enhancement of fat metabolism in the liver."

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

"The main purpose of this systematic paper was to assess the efficacy of Green Coffee as a weight loss supplement. The overall meta-analysis revealed a significant difference in change in body weight between Green Coffee and placebo."

Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

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