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Organic Fit Green Coffee™️
(1 Month Supply)

Organic Fit Green Coffee™️
(1 Month Supply)

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Drink your way to your new fit body and take control of your health so you can live a longer, healthier life with our World First, Fit Green Coffee™️.

Grown organically in the tropical, volcanic mountains of Bali, Indonesia - this rare blend of 4x powerful ingredients has been used for centuries across the island due to its powerful health benefits:
Health Benefits
100% Organic Ingredients


Packed full of beneficial nutrients which provide long-lasting energy, improved mood and aids healthy weight loss.


A powerful antioxidant that is often consumed for it's cancer prevention properties, as well as improving skin and hair.


Used for thousands of years for it's medicinal properties, cinnamon helps prevent heart disease, fights infections & tastes naturally sweet.


This natural antioxidant has been clinically shown to reduce appetite and significantly help weight loss whilst lowering blood presssure and blood sugar.

What is Green Coffee?

Grown organically in the tropical mountains of Bali, Indonesia - Fit Green Coffee™️ has the power to transform your body due to its high concentration of Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) and antioxidants which reduce the damaging effects of free radicals in our body.

Green Coffee is made from the unroasted beans which are left to ferment and dry naturally under the hot Bali sun. We avoid roasting our beans because this process removes all of the beneficial antioxidants and CGA.

Does it contain Caffeine?

Fit Green Coffee™️ doesn't contain caffeine so you won't feel jittery or anxious. Instead you will feel a boost in energy and focus due it's stimulating effect on cortisol and adrenalin production. Unlike roasted coffee, Green coffee is actually consumed as a tea and has a sweet refreshing flavor.

How do I drink it?

Place 1 teabag (60 teabags per pack) into a cup of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Stir often. Drink hot or cold.

Drink 2 cups a day for best results
Eat healthy, balanced meals
Exercise regularly 3-5 times per week
Stay hydrated with plenty of water

How does it taste?

Sweet, herbal taste with a fruity aroma. The added flavor of the green coffee is highly unique with its rich earthy tasting notes. Unlike most teas, Fit Green Coffee™️ will never taste bitter and can't be over brewed. 

What's inside the pack?

Each pack contains a 1-2 month supply (depending on use). Total quantity in each pack is 60 tea bags which should be consumed twice daily for 30 days. Ideally drunk 30 minutes before meals for maximum benefit.

Boost your Fat Burning Potential

Studies show that Green Coffee may inhibit fat absorption and improve fat metabolism in the liver by preventing fat accumulation that can lead to weight gain.

Reduce your Hunger Cravings

Research shows that chlorogenic acids (CGA) may slow the release of glucose in the bloodstream, helping to reduce blood sugar spikes that can trigger cravings.

Lower your Body Fat Percentage

When there is less blood sugar circulating, the body is prompted to burn fat reserves for energy. CGA found naturally in Fit Green Coffee™️ also increases metabolism and prompts calorie burning.

Change your Metabolic Health

Research suggests that Fit Green Coffee™️ may have positive effects on insulin sensitivity, an important metabolic health factor that’s associated with healthy weight.

Real Results, Real Customers!
Green Coffee Weight Loss


"The results have been better than I expected. After a cup, I have plenty of energy and I no longer find myself snacking between meals."

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"I am surprised by the great taste, so I look forward to my daily green coffees. The results speak for themselves."

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"I now drink green coffee every day and it has helped reduce my appetite. I have lost a lot of excess fat already."

Where to Buy Green Coffee


"Green coffee has helped me lose those extra few stubborn pounds."

Should I Buy Green Coffee


"I have found the daily drinks before meals have helped to reduce my appetite."

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"It only takes a moment to throw in a coffee bag and some hot water to make a great tasting brew."

Why Choose Us?

Bali Organix


Join over 1,200,000 happy customers! We take great pride in bringing healthy, organic products from Bali and sharing them with the World. We all must remember that our health is the most valuable thing we are given in this life and to protect it we must put health first!


We use organic methods to reduce our impact on the environment, improve crop fertility and maximize the health benefits of our ingredients. Our farmers create natural fertilizers by composting waste from the production process and put it back into the soil to enhance the chemical-free growth of the plantation.


Our superfoods are grown in Bali: the Island of the Gods. For thousands of years, Balinese people have consumed these products to gain more energy, maintain healthy body weight and improve their longevity. Are you ready to improve your health too?


Bali is a mystical, tropical Island blessed with an abundance of rare, powerful superfoods that the Balinese consume to stay healthy and live longer. We take pride in bringing these unique health foods to the World so that everyone can experience the remarkable benefits.


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