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Reusable Bamboo Fibre Coffee Cup

Reusable Bamboo Fibre Coffee Cup - Bali Organix

Reusable Bamboo Fibre Coffee Cup

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Each year, 200 billion single-use coffee cups end up as landfill and in our oceans. Most never biodegrade and some take 1000's of years. That’s why we created the Bali Organix Reusable Coffee Cup, an environmentally responsible cup made with organic bamboo fibre – one of the world’s most sustainable resources found in Bali, Indonesia. The cups are BPA and phthalate free and at just 120g, it’s light, strong and fully dishwasher safe. It also has a resealable ‘no-drip’ lid. With Bali Organix, there is no excuse for single use!


Reduces daily consumer waste

Fully dishwasher safe

Made with organic bamboo fibre

Naturally sterile: no flavour-taint

Resealable 'no-drip' lid

Reusable over and over

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Size: 400ml (14 oz)

Why Choose Us?

Bali Organix


Join over 1,200,000 happy customers! We take great pride in bringing healthy, organic products from Bali and sharing them with the World. We all must remember that our health is the most valuable thing we are given in this life and to protect it we must put health first!


We use organic methods to reduce our impact on the environment, improve crop fertility and maximize the health benefits of our ingredients. Our farmers create natural fertilizers by composting waste from the production process and put it back into the soil to enhance the chemical-free growth of the plantation.


Our superfoods are grown in Bali: the Island of the Gods. For thousands of years, Balinese people have consumed these products to gain more energy, maintain healthy body weight and improve their longevity. Are you ready to improve your health too?


Bali is a mystical, tropical Island blessed with an abundance of rare, powerful superfoods that the Balinese consume to stay healthy and live longer. We take pride in bringing these unique health foods to the World so that everyone can experience the remarkable benefits.


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